Humanergetic Therapies Wellness Centre offers a range of unique, state of the art therapies that help return the body to health and wholeness, naturally.

Business Partners Neil Pont and Carol Roberts are both long term Gold Coast natural health practitioners and feel privileged to be able to offer their services, some of which are unavailable anywhere else in Australia.


AtlasProfilax practitioner certified by the Atlasprofilax Academy, Sierre, Switzerland.

President of Atlasprofilax Australia

Clinical Hypnotherapist certified in the U.S. by the American Board of Hypnotherapy

Certified Massage & Bowen Therapist

Neil has provided his services to over 5000 clients, many travel long distance to avail themselves of the specialised treatments at our clinic including the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy and the Scalar EES Energy Chamber.


Pioneer of Thought Field Therapy (rapid emotional healing) in Australia

Teacher certification in the US in 1999 from Dr Roger Callahan, TFT founder

Advanced Theta Healing instructor and Intuitive Anatomy instructor

Founder and director of Genome Healing DNA/Stem Cell Healing Courses (taught in Australia and abroad.)

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Being able to make a difference in the lives of others has always been Carol’s driving force, especially in teaching cutting-edge techniques that empower others to access their untapped potential for personal and planetary transformation.

The many letters of gratitude from both Neil and Carol’s clients for over a decade, speak for themselves, and are proof of the effectiveness of their methods.