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Starting Point

Did you know that the ATLAS is misaligned in many humans?

Misalignment of the atlas may lead to a variety of physical and psychological problems and can also be responsible for pain and discomfort anywhere in the body.

This was discovered by the late René-Claudius Schumperli who himself was painfully affected by a misaligned atlas.  Between 1993 and 1996 he developed a revolutionary method which facilitates the return of the atlas back into its correct position, safely and permanently in ONE treatment.

The Cause

The picture to the left shows an Atlas malrotated to the left with a right tilt.

Depending on the rotation angle, a misaligned atlas may cause a reduction of the volume of the skull opening and the vertebral canal. This can expose the spinal cord, different cranial nerves and other nerve tracts to continuous pressure.  It can also lead to the constriction of the vertebral arteries, the carotid artery as well as various other vessels and lymphatic and cerebrospinal fluid.

The Symptoms

Continuous pressure on the spinal cord, the cerebral nerves, various arteries and vessels, etc., can cause severe physical and mental disturbances, ailments and illnesses.

Because the atlas not only carries the skull, but also facilitates suspension, balance and control of the spine and the skeleton, a misaligned atlas may be the cause of serious disturbances and changes in posture.

Symptomatic ailments and illnesses may include neck pain and stiffness, back pain, lumbago, herniated disc, scoliosis, jammed spinal nerves, scoliotic pelvis, pain in the jaw, arms, hips, knees, meniscus and other Illnesses of the knee, difference in leg length, etc.

Scoliotic Pelvis

An example of the interferences and postural changes that may be caused by a misaligned atlas is the scoliotic pelvis.


The Method

The AtlasProfilax method is unique worldwide in being able to correct a misaligned atlas with only one application — accurately, safely and permanently.

It consists of a specialised targeted massage to the short neck musculature, designed to loosen the existing tension in those muscles and, consequentially, to facilitate the return of the atlas to its natural position.

This method does not employ any manipulative movements of the head or neck.

A subsequent appointment with additional support for the self-healing process is essential.

Free your body to self-heal

If the Atlas is in its correct position, the brain can function without the disturbances caused by previous misalignment and it can feel like it wants to catch up with what it could not harmoniously create previously.

It can now set in place valuable self-healing and regenerative processes, enabling the entire human organism to begin to function better. In addition, correcting the position of the atlas may make other treatments and therapies more effective.


Body cells and organs do not however regenerate overnight. After the atlas has been allowed to return to its correct position, by using the AtlasProfilax method, the organism reacts according to the overall physical and psychological condition of the individual. For many people, healing is instantly initiated and many symptoms are immediately relieved. While others, especially those whose organism has never functioned correctly, will experience results over time and will have to have more patience.

Unfortunately there are some cases where a person may have been severely ill over a long period of time and the body may no longer be able to re-build itself.

Your Journey to Vitality Unfolds

For a person wanting to take responsibility for one's self-healing and wellbeing, correcting a misaligned atlas with the AtlasProfilax Wellness method can be an essential starting point. Once corrected, noticeable reactions — which can, depending on the individual, occur immediately after the AtlasProfilax Wellness treatment, every now and then, or weeks or even months later- are an indication of the fact that self-heating is occurring. The following rule of thumb applies: the more a human body and psyche were ill, or the more structural misalignment, the stronger the reaction may be.

Possible reactions range from severe tiredness to muscle tension around the neck region, the upper back and or the lumbar regions, up to previous and not completely healed diseases. Therefore, observe your body carefully, noting any changes and if needed assist the self-healing process with the appropriate support.

Allowing the atlas to find its correct position using the AtlasProfilax method is a simple, safe procedure that can produce lifelong advantages. It can be applied to children as a possible preventative measure, allowing them to grow up healthily and develop to their fullest potential.

The Method's Quality

The AtlasProfilax method can and may only be practiced safely by a specialist — an AtlasProfilax educated and certified by the AtlasProfilax Academy in Valais, Switzerland. 

The method is non-medical and non-chiropractic.

It employs no manipulative movements to the head or neck.

It requires and involves no medical chiropractic or other diagnosis.

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