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Every chamber is hand-made with pride and passion to the most exacting standards using only the highest quality materials.

Your comfort and safety is paramount

Your comfort and safety is paramount. That’s why every chamber is tested for a minimum of 36 hours at pressures of 6 and 4 psi to ensure that they will perform. In fact, we consider our testing such an important part of the quality process that every new prototype is tested for a full 3 months in a live environment before we commence production. This ensures that every chamber will be able to withstand the rigours it will be subjected to time after time, day after day over its lifetime.

Specially designed and engineered components

The safety of our users is paramount; we have never had an adverse incident reported with the use of our product, and we aim to keep it that way. That’s why every component is specially selected or purpose engineered for our chambers.

The materials used to construct the HypO2 800 Series Hyperbaric Chamber have been carefully chosen to ensure they are of the highest quality; strong architectural structured fabric, aluminium alloy valves and fittings, stainless steel frame and food grade seals, tubing and connectors.

Chamber Construction

The chambers are manufactured using Thermal Fusion Fabric Welding. There are two types: radio frequency and hot air welding and both forms are used in the process.

No glues or adhesives are used in the manufacture of the chamber – this eliminates any possibility of toxicity or residues from chemicals during use.

The bladder material has been especially chosen for its unique properties to eliminate stretching and shrinkage and for its long term stability to ensure the fabric will withstand the rigours it will be subjected to day after day without deterioration.

Constructed from specialty architectural structured fabric woven from high tenacity polyester, it is anti-wick treated. The flexible coating is protected using a unique surface finish that resists dirt adhesion and protects against environmental pollutants.

All of the fittings have been designed especially for our chamber to do the job required. In particular the Manual Pressure Release Valves and the Constant Pressure Release Valves, two of the most critical components, were designed and manufactured in Australia after close collaboration with a first class design and engineering firm. These fittings are calibrated and certified by our quality supplier prior to use.

For added safety the chamber is fitted with two Constant Pressure Release Valves, one of which is a redundant backup.

The moulded curved polymer three part window system with Perspex lens has been specially developed to ensure that the windows do not crack or warp under pressure. They have been extensively tested to a pressure of 15 psi.

Each window is secured with 8 stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers – these are tightened using a calibrated torque wrench and the external window nuts are covered with white nylon nut covers for added protection and an aesthetic finish.

We have chosen to use only the very best German engineered coil zipper system, and this coupled with a double food grade silicone seal ensures the integrity of the dual zipper system. The zipper opening is ideally positioned to facilitate ease of entry.

The German engineered WIKA analogue pressure gauge is calibration checked to provide users with the confidence that the pressure is accurate.

The contoured fit comfort mattress is made from high quality marine grade vinyl covering medium density Dunlop foam that has been treated with Ultra-fresh® antimicrobial protection providing effective control of the growth of micro-organisms including bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi promoting a lasting hygienic freshness. The mattress cover is washable and removable for easy cleaning.

The sturdy stainless steel frame is designed with an easy “click together” assembly that assists with easy entry and exit.

The chamber is labeled with user and safety instructions in accordance with the latest international standards.

Peripheral Equipment

A specially designed baffled heat exchange unit has been incorporated between the compressor and the chamber to assist in cooling the slightly raised temperature of the compressed air before it reaches the chamber.

All tubing is high pressure food grade.

The world class “silent” AIRMAC 200 lpm oil-less compressor is used worldwide in dental surgery settings and guarantees consistent performance. This product has been tested to CE standard.

If the use of an oxygen concentrator is required, Hyperbarics International sells and recommends the industry leading Sequal Integra 10lpm oxygen concentrator. Depending on the regulations in your region, a physicians prescription and specific protocols may be required.


Assembly of the HypO2 800 Series Hyperbaric Chamber couldn’t be easier. The chamber comes complete with all its fittings in place, and all that is required is to assemble the easy click together frame and click in the other components.

Technical Specifications

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Technical Specifications

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