Genome DNA Stem-Cell Healing Courses

Harness your healing power within

Courses for self-help and Practitioner Certification

with Carol Roberts

Two-Day Genome Healing Basic

This course is designed for self-help and as a foundation for the Intensive Course.

Learn to harness your inner power to heal your body, mind & spirit.

What we cover in the Basic Course:

  • How to connect with your higher power to affect changes in the body
  • How to ‘embody’ your organs and allow them to have a voice.
  • How to transform organs back to their ‘optimal functioning blueprints’
  • Re-program your cells, blood and other body fluids for optimal functioning
  • Transform your stem-cells for strong immune system
  • Align your spine through the power of your mind
    ……and more
    (30% theory and demonstrations and 70% practical work with others)










“How can I explain such a major shift in all aspects of my life, spiritually, bodily, thought patterns, feelings – I don’t want to die now! That is exceptional to me. I now I get up with a smile on my face and a zest for life. I can’t thank you enough.  I am coming back to do the full course as soon as I can” – Beverly Gilbert Qld.

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Five-Day Genome Healing Intensive

This course is designed for self-help as well as to give you the confidence and skills to help others, offering certification as a practitioner of you should wish to help others professionally. Genome Healing is a registered training provider with the IICT-International Institute for Complimentary Therapists.

Learn to create miraculous transformations in your body & your world. Help heal your family, friends and clients.

What we cover in the Intensive Course bullet points please

  • In-depth journeying into bodily organs and systems
  • Learn to recognise secondary gain and clear it
  • Transform negative ancestral programming
  • Communicate with and heal your genome
  • Working deeper with stem-cells and chromosomes
  • Resolve all your life’s traumas in ONE morning session
  • Re-program your first cell to affect every cell in your body
  • How to heal from a distance and through surrogates
  • Transform your telomeres to support youth & vitality
  • Restore harmonious relationships with planetary influences
    ……and more

“I found this beautifully presented course quite incredible and I am still beyond words. There was so much love and wisdom combined…. I witnessed true wonders in my fellow participants, really profound shifts. This is the course all world leaders, police, teachers and parents should take” Stephanie Sinclair, writer, film producer, Wellington NZ


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