Rapid Emotional Healing

Balanced mind, peaceful heart, healthy body

Hello dear friends Carol here,

Over the last 6 years I have trained over 400 energy healing practitioners in my own powerful healing method by the name of Genome Healing. I have previously taught energy healing throughout Australia and abroad for over 20 years. In my Genome Healing work we allow the body to ‘have a voice’ and be transformed at the level of the organs, DNA and stem-cells. As well as teaching courses I am also available for one-on-one sessions.


Emotional Healing is the key to ongoing wellness

There is an emotional cause to every physical condition and from experience every condition benefits from being healed at the energetic, emotional and psychological levels. In fact it is often not until the emotional aspects of a condition are addressed, that full healing can occur.

Rapid Transformations

Past and present traumatic events whether a car accident or break up of a marriage can have devastating effects on a persons’ physicality due to the fact that the trauma of such an experience, held in one’s energy body, blocks the bodies’ natural ability to self-heal. Once the emotional wounds are healed the body starts to heal instantly. Most traumas irrespective of their intensity can be healed within a 15 minute period.

In a typical session I guide you into the different parts of your body and allow these parts of you to “speak” I get you in touch with the areas within yourself where blocked energy is stored and you experience the shifts as it is gently released.  My experience in working with many hundreds of people is that physical conditions are directly influenced by the state of one’s consciousness and when our thinking is healed, the body naturally falls into balance.

I help you connect with your body to have your own internal healing experience. I am available for face to face sessions at my Gold Coast clinic, or by Skype or telephone.

To book a session contact us Email: info@genomehealing.com.au


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