"The last therapy on Thursday was very effective, the constant nagging pain in my groin was gone that afternoon. And then the hyperbaric chamber on the Friday has been so effective in resolving the strings of painful knots up and down my legs, hips and shoulders. It feels like my lymphatic system has been flushed out too. The soreness and pain has almost entirely gone and I feel a whole lot more comfortable all over. The scar tissue, which has been present for years, has greatly reduced since Friday."

Victoria Connell

I am writing to thank you for introducing me to your hyperbaric chamber. As you know, I am recovering from colon cancer, and as part of my recovery regime I have turned to natural health for the answers – naturopathic, exercise, and now the hyperbaric chamber. I must say, the hyperbaric chamber is one of the most enjoyable and beneficial experiences. I have much more energy, I am sleeping better, and just simply have regained a zest for living. Please feel free to share my comments with others, as it seems oxygen therapy is helpful for so many conditions.

Many thanks. 
Malcolm Davis

I have had several sessions in the oxygen chamber. Because of the lack of available time, my sessions were spread across several weeks rather than concurrent for maximum benefit. But, even though these visits had to fit in with schedule, the improvement I experienced after each session was very noticeable. Each time I came out of the chamber instantly relaxed and at ease.

The real measurement of success for me was evidenced by the improvement experienced during and after my regular boxing and running sessions. My breathing during these sessions and after greatly improved each time. I ran much further before feeling out of breath and the cough that I had always experienced simply disappeared. Even more impressive was my sleeping improved greatly and I had no muscle pain the following day.

I can only imagine my 'surge' to good health wellbeing, had I attended the sessions concurrently. I would thoroughly recommend this treatment for all ailments, small or large. I only wish I had one in the spare room, I would be in it every day! A thumbs up from me.

Alison Chapple