The state of the art Scalar Wave Energy Enhancement Chamber is now making waves down under

Here in our 8 unit system you can Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate effortlessly

"Our Bio-impedence results blew me away. My biological age has reduced from 35.4 to 25 yrs (actual age 39) in two treatments and my wife got 3.8 years younger in 2 hours!"

John Nankivell, Naturopath, Kingscliff NSW Australia

Results from Tony Boutros ND, Lifestream Health, Murwillumbah NSW, on a patient who had two treatments within one week:

After 2 Scalar treatments in a week: 85% Reduction in Bacteria, microbes, parasites and fungus; Erythrocytes - are much more (RBC) round than the 1st test a week before (good shape).

Revolutionary technology

The Energy Enhancement System is an incredibly advanced healing technology that is amazing both doctors and scientists around the world. It generates bio-active, life-enhancing energy fields that can simply and easily produce significant health benefits, both physically and mentally/emotionally. Exposure to these fields has been found to:

While the Energy Enhancement System is new to Australia, it has been used by health practitioners in the northern hemisphere for a number of years now. A common response is that the positive changes they are observing are so rapid and dramatic that they have never seen anything like it. Here are some of the comments:

"The EESystem is a new technology that generates a therapeutic energy field that can raise the energy level of every cell in the body to its optimum level (70-90 millivolts) within a 2-hour session. This is the most extraordinary technology I have seen in 20 years of practice as an alternative health care doctor."
Dr James De Boer, DC
"It promotes a very deep state of ultimate relaxation, if we allow it, from which any type of healing can occur. Of all the technologies that I have recently researched, this one is the post powerful detoxifiers I have encountered…Users of the Energy Enhancement System have reported many benefits, including an increased sense of well-being, more energy, better sleep, and pain control. Others have been healed of blindness, diabetes, trauma, cataracts and stress. These findings support the life-giving properties of this technology."
Dr Marcial-Vega, MD

"EESystem not only supports people to go into deep meditation, it also activates the deep spiritualizing force of the Cosmic Energy."
Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD

Blood tests before

Blood tests after 1 hr

Reports by doctors

Since the Energy Enhancement System helps the body restore itself to balance and homeostasis, the number of ways it is helping people is very broad. Some specific cases reported by doctors include:

EEG Before

EEG After

Comments by Experts

"...the interesting thing is that it's taking the contaminating energy from the surroundings and changing it into beneficial energy patterns. And, probably to the typical scientist, this would look like unexplainable magic. But it's just physics at a very high level."
Dr John Orava
"The GDV biograms before and after treatment with the Energy Enhancement System show quick, dramatic shifts and significant, positive changes in the bio-energetic field. Clients are experiencing calmness, deep relaxation, healing, and a greater sense of awareness about themselves."
Dr Sabina DeVita
I have been a Naturopath for almost 10 years now and have been using the bio-impedance machine to measure the cellular health (muscle mass, fat levels, cellular vitality, cellular toxicity, fluid balance and biological age) of my patients over that entire time. One thing I have noticed is that the results can be very difficult to improve without radical dietary and lifestyle changes.

We [my wife and I] have obviously been testing ourselves with this technology for a long time and this is the first time I have seen dramatic improvements in our cellular health in such a short time. Both our results blew me away.

My biological age has reduced from 35.4 to 25 yrs (actual age 39) in two treatments and my wife got 3.8 years younger in 2 hours!
John Nankivell, Naturopath, Kingscliff NSW Australia

In fact, because of the obvious effectiveness of the Energy Enhancement System, a number of doctors and hospitals have started using it for patients—and quite a few doctors have even installed the system in their own homes because they are so impressed.

The thing is, the human body is actually designed to heal itself. But because the modern world is stressing our body's systems in ways we were never designed to deal with, it is becoming increasingly challenging to maintain optimal health. Our cells are becoming compromised, toxic and drained of energy—less and less able to function healthily or recuperate. Like a torch—if we keep using the batteries and never recharge them properly, the light gets dimmer and dimmer until the batteries finally die. We need to keep them charged up for the torch to stay bright and radiant.

There are actually several ways the Energy Enhancement System works:

The energies frequencies that are generated—which include the mysterious Scalar waves—appear to recharge the cells of the body, thus enhancing their ability to heal and rebalance. They become strong enough to throw off toxins, regenerate and rejuvenate. In other words they are able to come back from being 'run down batteries' to being vital and healthy—able to restore homeostatic balance and energy to the body once again.

BEFORE EES: Notice the front view; uneven and opened areas near the face, neck, breasts. Blood circulation is problematic.

AFTER EES: Notice the changes in the field after time the Energy System. The field is more symmetrical and together. The Life Force has more fluidity.

The Energy Enhancement 'chamber' is a room with a number of precisely aligned computers directed towards the centre, generating the biologically positive energies. A typical session is 2 hours. You simply relax and enjoy the experience. 'There is no longer the 60 cycle hum that is detrimental to health. This is revolutionary technology…this is amazing. This is truly amazing.'

—Dr John Orava, Physicist, Consultant to the US Department of Defence



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