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Science-based approach that focuses on overcoming and preventing chronic illness by addressing root causes.

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What is Functional Medicine? Functional Medicine is a comprehensive approach to healthcare that seeks to identify the root cause of illnesses and imbalances in the body. Rather than just alleviating symptoms, functional medicine practitioners collaborate with patients to uncover underlying factors that contribute to their health concerns.

A key principle of functional medicine is the recognition that the body is a complex system, and imbalances in one area can have far-reaching effects on other systems. For instance, a digestive issue can cause hormonal imbalances that disrupt sleep. To address this, functional medicine practitioners undertake a thorough assessment of these interconnected systems, identifying and treating the underlying cause of a patient's health concerns.

In contrast to traditional medicine's reactive approach, functional medicine takes a proactive approach to healthcare, prioritising prevention and wellness. Practitioners work closely with patients to promote lifestyle changes, such as dietary improvements, exercise routines, stress management, and sleep optimisation.

One of the main benefits of functional medicine is its personalisation to meet each patient's specific needs. Practitioners employ various tools, such as genetic testing, laboratory assessments, and other diagnostic methods, to understand the patient's unique health profile. This information enables them to create a tailored treatment plan that caters to that person's individual requirements.

Functional medicine can effectively address diverse health concerns, including chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders. Additionally, it can aid those seeking to improve their overall health and well-being.

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