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Tomatis® Neurosensory Program

Special program for all ages to retrain auditory processing, balance, coordination, connections between the ear, brain and body

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Tomatis®️ Method is a neurosensory program and educational intervention, uses mainly music (by Mozart and some other composers) played over a special headphone and device. The modified or filtered music stimulates parts of the ear responsible for transmitting information to the brain.

The auditory stimulation retrains the brain and re-patterns the nervous system, which leads to improvement in physical, cognitive, and interpersonal skills and emotional regulation. On its own, it is a cutting-edge approach of sound and listening that has been proven to help with a variety of issues.

What are the benefits of Tomatis® Method?

The ear, a “sensory gate,” serves as an access to the brain to create change. The Tomatis® Method generally:

  • Improves attention, concentration, focus, and memory

  • Develops language, speech, communication and socialisation

  • Enhances learning skills like reading and comprehension

  • Boosts self-awareness and confidence

  • Reduces anxiety and stress

  • Promotes better quality of life (sleep, appetite)

Sound training promotes music as stimulation to identify and create frequencies specific to the listener. Sound and listening training is based on the work developed by Dr. Tomatis.

Who invented the Tomatis® Method?

Dr. Alfred Tomatis developed the Tomatis® Method in the early 1950s. Dr. Tomatis was a French physician and an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist. He managed an acoustics lab of aeronautical factories as well as a private clinic.

His musical upbringing and profession served as building blocks in developing the Tomatis® Method. He observed vocal deficiencies among factory workers who have work-related deafness. He treated and tested professional singers who presented symptoms similar to the factory workers. Through these cases, Dr. Tomatis theorised that “The voice only produces what the ear hears."

What has it been known to help?

It's a powerful and revolutionary form of neurosensory stimulation training that may assist with issues including (but not limited to):

  • Autism & Attention Deficit (ASD, ADD, ADHD)

  • Learning, Speech & Language Problems

  • Postural & Motor Control

  • Emotional Dysregulation

  • Auditory Pathways Correction

More Applications for adults

  • Learning problems (written and oral)

  • Communication (spoken & sung voice)

  • Music (for professional musicians & teachers)

  • Personal development (energy, relaxation, balance)

  • Foreign language learning

Notable beneficiaries of the Tomatis Method® include Sting, Gerard Depardieu, Maria Callas and other internationally acclaimed musicians, singers and actors.

What is the first step to the program?

The program starts with a comprehensive assessment including a Tomatis® listening test. This is a valuable tool that evaluates subjective auditory perception. Unlike hearing, which is a passive state, listening is an active process that can reveal important insights into the auditory processing system's optimal function. Audiologists typically measure hearing thresholds, which determine the range of sounds a person can hear. In contrast, a listening test examines the range from where no sound is detected to where perceived sound is detected. This is often the recommended first step to begin the Tomatis® journey.

This scientific principle was first introduced by Dr. Tomatis in the last century. It asserts that we can only recreate what we perceive. In other words, if we are unable to perceive a particular frequency, we cannot reproduce it ourselves.

The benefits of a Tomatis® listening test are numerous. It provides a measure of the auditory processing system's performance and can identify issues with sensory integration, language comprehension, and neuronal regulation. It covers a broad spectrum of sounds, ranging from zero to eight or nine thousand hertz, including both air and bone conduction.

Through a Tomatis® listening test, we can gather clues about an individual's physical integration with their body, language range, attention, and overall energy and well-being. If the test indicates any issues, appropriate interventions can be identified and implemented to help the individual achieve their optimal auditory function.

In conclusion, a Tomatis® listening test is a powerful tool that may provide valuable insights into the auditory system's performance and ultimately help individuals achieve optimal auditory function.

Program delivery & duration

Once the initial evaluation is completed, we develop a personalized program tailored to each individual's needs. The training is conducted in the comfort of one's home and comprises three sessions, each spanning 8-15 days, with a duration of 1-2 hours per day over a period of 3-4 months. Although a significant portion of the listening exercises can be accomplished during idle or relaxed time, a microphone is required for certain aspects of the training to create the audio-vocal feedback.

Reach out today and find out more whether this would assist you or your family. Suitable to complement with any other approaches (speech, occupational, psychology, counselling or many others) or stand alone - this method enhances the benefits for yourself or your family.

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